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Investing your money in one of the best QLED TV could be a must if you want to experience the realistic frames of videos or films on Netflix or Youtube with high quality, or you crave for owning a superb gaming monitor.

Here we will help you find out the best QLED TV available today, from one of the newest Samsung QLEDs with cutting-edge technology to a much more reasonable TCL TV. Moreover, based on our buying guides could give you a hand with narrowing your options down and possessing an ideal device suitable for your needs and preferences.       

Buying Guides

We have examined various kinds of QLED TVs and summarized a list of special features related to these products that you should take into consideration before making any transactions!

1. Price range

The thing that I’m sure almost all potential purchasers know that the more money you invest in, the better the features you will experience. QLED TVs always come with various prices, models and brands. In recent years, with the development of the modern technologies as well as the supply chain, customers tend to easily purchase brand new sets of QLED TV. Spending more, you can bring home the wonderful device with much larger size, a bunch of the latest features such as better contrast, a better specification or far richer color spectrum. 

2. The term “QLED” 

QLED is short for Quantum Light Emitting Diode. This type of TV uses tiny nanoparticles that are called “quantum dots” to present the brightness and color specifications. This technology was first introduced by SONY in 2003.      

3. TV resolution

8K, 4K or HD? The term “Resolution” describes the number of pixels making up the picture on a screen. Also, it is described in terms of horizontal rows and vertical columns. The more pixels translated into, the sharper picture and finer details has. Higher resolution is therefore considered better.

Ultra HD resolution, also called 4K, is increasingly gaining in popularity, and it could be an ideal choice for your any purposes. Added on, you can already purchase some higher resolution 8K TVs. However, 8K TVs have a disadvantage that not many 8K contents are supported and available in this tech-base. 

4. Refresh rate

With refresh rate, faster is better. You can be familiar with the term “the refresh rate”. This term is used to express how many times per second a picture/image is automatically refreshed on the monitor screen in Hertz (Hz). The standard RR is 60 times/second, or 60 Hz. 

Nevertheless, in scenes with rapidly fast moving objects, a 60 Hz refresh rate can make images blurry or jittery, on LCD HDTVs in particular. Therefore, to produce a much more solid picture, manufacturers often need to double the RR to 120 Hz (or up to 240 Hz in some circumstances).  


Below is the list of top 3 best QLED TV deals that can meet almost all requirements:

1. Samsung Q80/Q80T QLED 

Samsung Q80/Q80T QLED could be the best Samsung QLED TV that we’ve examined so far. This device offers much more impressive and superb than any other Samsung line-ups unveiled before. The performance of this 4K TV will make the solid bargainers happy with their choice since it could deliver really high picture quality with its wonderful color accuracy and color spectrum. 

Added on, the VA panel makes this QLED TV be able to display far deeper blacks. View angle is also another great feature of purchasing this item. Samsung has recently added the upgraded “Ultra Viewing Angle” layer, which aims at enhancing the viewing angles to make it appropriate for nearly wide seating position-arrangement that is suitable for contrast ratio. Fortunately, it also possesses a full array local dimming feature sharpening the contrast a little bit. 

Another outstanding feature of this item is gaming performance if you want to use this device for gaming activities. In particular, it is equipped with a 120Hz refresh rate, the brand new FreeSync VRR (variable refresh rate) support application, better response time and extremely low input lag. Last but not least, it features a Black Frame Insertion to make TV clear up motion blur. This QLED 4K  TV offers a lot of sizes: 50″ 55″ 65″ 75″ 85″ suitable for your needs and budget.   

2.  The Hisense H8G

Moving on to the next ideal option – the Hisense H8G.  Although this QLED TV doesn’t possess extra gaming activities features such as VRR application support like the Samsung Q80/Q80T QLED, it could get much brighter compared with its counterparts. Moreover, the price is also far “softer” for some users having limited budgets. The Hisense could display a great wide color spectrum with high accuracy. 

In addition, this item is in combination with its high HDR peak brightness, which makes HDR content look really excellent. Not only that, it has a stand-out native contrast and its full array local dimming feature helps the device operate and perform very well. If you tend to use this QLED TV in a well-lit room, it could satisfy your needs with excellent reflection handling. However, it is a pity that its narrow viewing angles make the animation look washed out when viewing from other sides. In spite of the lack of VRR, it has an amazing response time and low input lag, so it’s still a great choice for gamers. 

3. Samsung Q800T QLED           

This Samsung Q800T QLED is equipped with 8K resolution that could                   deliver incredible results for users when experiencing. One thing that you should know that the 8K built-in TV models have recently got into the  electronic devices market, and even though there isn’t much 8k content available, it’s still a  great cutting-edge technology due to a number of advantageous features. 

First and foremost, this item possesses a unique VA panel and added Samsung’s ‘Ultra Viewing Angle’ layer, which makes it have one of by far the lowest contrast ratios on a VA panel we have researched so far. Additionally, at the same time, this QLED TV from Samsung brand features one of the widest viewing angles with better views than some IPS panel TVs. Therefore, the image quality remains quite good whilst viewing from many sides. 

A full-array local dimming is also a considerable improvement on the accounts that the contrast ratio could help make blacks appear black when viewing in the dark side. FreeSync VRR support, a good response time, and low input lag are also other bonus features for the reason why we should purchase this device after reading this best Samsung review immediately!

Unfortunately, there are still several problems with this QLED TV. The 4K content is often upscaled, distorted or loses the image quality when viewing. However, we hope that the future QLED 8K TV will do more interesting things with upgrades!!

This display is bundled with Amazon Smart Plug, works with Alexa – A Certified for Humans Device.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is a  QLED TV worth it?

In general, if you’re craving for a TV, Samsung’s quantum dot TVs such  as Samsung Q80/Q80T QLED or Samsung Q800T QLED  are an ideal selection. Moreover, it could provide value for the money.  

2. Which is better, Qled or OLED?

QLED may be your perfect choice in terms of delivering a far higher brightness, longer lifespan, larger screen sizes, and offering lower prices for the customers. When it pertains to OLED, it offers a much better viewing angle, deeper black levels, and consumes less power. Moreover, according to several scientific studies, OLED might be better for your health. 

We recommend some products related to the QLED televisions from Samsung brand such as  Samsung Q80/Q80T QLED.This QLED Samsung TV device has been considered as one of the best QLED TVs from Samsung so far.

3. Do Qled TVs burn in?

The QLED TVs’ durability is mainly in the use of Quantum dots, which enables QLED TVs to offer high quality pictures exceptionally lasting far longer than other screens. Added on, it is considered to be burn-in free. 

4. How long do QLED TVs last? 

Samsung manufacturers have given a likely time frame for their QLED TV. This means that you can possess a QLED TV to last you approximately 7-10 years before you can start to experience some sort of degradation regarding visuals.

 5. What is Qled 4k?

If you’ve been collecting details about TVs, you are likely to encounter two common terms widely thrown around in ads and spec sheets alike — QLED, a name for TVs applying a technology called “quantum dot” as Quantum Color. Added on, UHD is also known as 4K. 

Final Thoughts 

If you want to possess the best QLED TV,  Samsung Q80/Q80T QLED is your ideal option due to a bunch of special features that help you experience the best image quality and services!     

However, perhaps you only have a limited budget and tend to purchase an affordable item, please go with Hisense H8G. This reasonable-investment device could deliver the incredible things for any users for some specified purposes.

Here is our summary of the best Qled TVs: 

We hope that our article has provided you guys a useful best QLED review about how to choose the best QLED TV for your own. Our team will be 24/7 here to assist you if you have any questions related to the high tech devices.

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