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How to choose the best Smart Remote TV ?


Remote TV is not the most important aspect that people consider when buying a TV. However, a quality remote TV can decide the experience of daily use. This simple device has evolved a lot through time. Nowadays, a basic remote is not nearly enough. The critiques for an ultimate smart tv control are stricter than ever. So, how do we choose the best remote control for a smart TV? Let’s find out with this article.

Buying guides

  1. Reasons why you should replace your remote control

An old remote control has many issues. The most common problems that make users change to other remote TV are:

  • Physical malfunction: Over time, every remote control has to go through some physical damages. And so, they don’t work as well as when they first got out of the box. The physical damages result in low response and the built-in microphone is affected as well.
  • Voice control doesn’t work: The built-in microphone is very fragile, so if the smart tv remote has suffered damages, it won’t work for long.
  • Late response: The late response doesn’t make a smart TV a bad one. But it affects the satisfaction of switching channels quickly. An old remote control works slower than a new one, just like any other electronic device.
  • IR sensor doesn’t work: There are many causes that disable the IR sensor. But check if there is any obstacle between you and the TV, the space between the sensors of the TV and the remote must be clear of objects. If the space is clear and it still doesn’t work, change the battery. If both methods don’t make any difference, it’s time to change to a better remote control for smart tv.
  • Features of an ultimate remote TV

The key features of an ultimate remote tv are:

  • Backlit keys

Not a common feature but backlit keys are very convenient. You can use the remote in the dark. A remote with built-in LED backlight will emit soft and low brightness in the dark, but it is enough for users to control it without any problem. Other than backlit keys, manufacturers also create smart remote TV with fluorescent buttons. This type of backlit only highlights the main buttons like on/off, volume and channel, etc.

GE Backlit Universal Remote Control

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GE Backlit Universal Remote Control is a universal remote with full backlit. You can control any TV from any brand. Samsung, Apple TV, Sony, LG, etc. are all compatible with this device. It can control up to 4 devices at the same time so you don’t have to store multiple remotes at home. However, this is a traditional model, it doesn’t have a built-in microphone so users can’t use voice control.

  • Voice control

Most TVs are smart TVs nowadays, which means they can connect to the internet. And voice control is a common feature that goes along with smart TVs.

Roku Voice Remote is a new smart remote designed with simplicity for all Roku TVs. If you have a TCL smart TV, there is no reason to pass on this gem. The design is very simple. It has very few buttons and the voice control feature is placed right in the middle. This remote is all about convenience.

Roku Voice Remote (Official) for Roku Players and Roku TVs

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  • Easy buttons setup

Thanks to voice control technology, remote controls can ditch excessive buttons and replace them with compact ones. A simple remote control always receives more favor from common users. And they are grandparents-friendly. Smart TVs nowadays have Netflix, Amazon Prime or YouTube installed preinstalled. A remote with easy buttons setup should have a single button for these apps.  

Apple TV Siri Remote is an Apple device and is compatible with Apple TV only. The setup of the buttons is extremely simple. It can sync to the Apple TV quickly. All you need to do is bring the remote close to the TV and they are synced automatically. There are only 6 buttons on the remote, everything you need is compacted in the remote.

Apple TV Siri Remote

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  • Low latency

This depends more on the TV but a good remote control with bouncy buttons surely responds faster than a stiff one. A good, modern remote TV should transmit the commands to the TV quickly through the IR sensor. When changing channels, people expect a fast response from the TV, if not they can get irritated.

  • Touchscreen

Also not a common feature of remote TV, but a high-end one is equipped with a touchscreen. The best part about the touchscreen is that it works like a smartphone. On the screen, you will see the icon of each channel and thus, it is very easy to find the one with the content that you like. A touchscreen remote TV solves every problem that a smart tv control remote encounters. Finding content in the dark no longer is a difficult task.

Logitech Harmony Ultimate One is the ultimate touchscreen remote. It can connect to any TV from any brand. You can customize the screen with your favorite apps and channels. The touchscreen responds very quickly. With this remote, changing channels in the dark no longer is a hard task.

  • Learning ability

A remote with learning ability can use codes from other remote to control the TVs. This type of remote can control different TVs from different brands.

  • Types of remote control

Basically there are two types of remote control: traditional and smart remotes. Even a smart remote can look the same as traditional one.

  • Traditional remotes

Traditional remotes can change the channel, set up input devices and output devices, adjust the settings of the TV. These functions are very basic and any type of remote must be able to carry out these simple tasks.

This Universal Remote Control for All Samsung TV is our top pick among universal remotes for Samsung smart TV. It is compatible with all types of Samsung TVs. So if you need a replacement for your old TV, this one is perfect. However, it doesn’t have voice control feature, so if this is an important aspect that you are looking for, this traditional remote isn’t enough.

Universal Remote Control for All Samsung TV Remote

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  • Smart remotes

Smart remotes are updated versions of traditional ones and their functions extend much further than just changing channels and setting up the display. A basic smart remote has a  built-in microphone so it is easy to manage, not only for adults but also for children and old people.

There is an even more updated version of smart remotes. Now, people can control the TV, air conditioner, lights, etc. with one device. This type of remote TV is called home automation and it controls the electronic devices in the house via an app on smartphone.

While this feature is very convenient and total, not every air conditioner or light can be turned on and off with smartphones. So if you don’t own extra modern technology, this is not necessary. But if you do, don’t miss the chance to live an easy and futuristic life.

BroadLink Smart Home Hub is a smart remote that allows people to control TVs, audio equipment, DVD player, STB, IR fan and air conditioner through a smartphone. You can change the channels of the TV, control the volume, play or pause a video. With an air conditioner, you can change the temperature, Fan speed, swing, etc. How convenient will it be to have this remote control?


  1. How far from the TV can the remote work?

A remote works within 10m away from the TV. This is a common requirement for TVs nowadays. In the past, traditional TVs receive the signal from a remote within 3m range. The technology has improved a lot throughout the years. Set up the sofa set at least 2.5m away from the TV to protect your eyesight. The remote works smoothly from this distance. The further away from the TV, the slower the remote responds.

  • How do I use voice control feature on remotes?

It is super easy. Every smart remote for smart tv has an individual button for voice control. On the remote, find the button with the microphone symbol on it. Press the button and check the screen to see if the panel or the voice control symbol appears on the screen. If it does, order the TV to find the content that you need.

Convenience is the key. Manufacturers have kept this detail in mind, so the customers don’t have to go into the settings to find the feature. If this is your first time buying a smart TV with a smart tv control remote, don’t hesitate since it is easy to get used to. 

BN59-01266A Replaced Voice Remote is a small tv remote that can replace original Samsung remotes. The button setup is easy to control. It has a built-in microphone for voice control. It is a wonderful option for a Samsung remote.

Final thoughts

The hunt for a perfect remote TV is like taking a walk in the park if you know what you want. Some need a remote that controls the TV, some want a device that helps manage multiple electronic tools. The winners for Remote Smart are:

Best connect: GE Backlit Universal Remote Control. With the ability to connect to multiple brands of TV, this remote is the most versatile one. If you are afraid of buying an incompatible device, go with this one.

Best voice control for Samsung TVs: BN59-01266A Replaced Voice Remote. This is the best voice control for Samsung TVs. The design is sleek and simple. This remote can replace your broken one easily.

Best price-performance: Roku Voice Remote. Roku remote is compatible with every Roku TV from different brands like TCL, Hisense, Hitachi, Sharp. If your TV has built-in voice control feature, you need to get your hands on this new remote.

Most convenient: BroadLink Smart Home Hub. Users can control so many devices with this remote. And it works with smartphones. So if you want an all-in-one device, go with this home automation.

These are our top picks for remote control. Choose one that satisfies your needs but also adequate for the features of your TV.

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