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XRT140 Replacement Remote Fit for Vizio P-Series M-Series V-Series 4K HDR Smart TV P65Q9-H1 M656-H4 M55Q8-H1 M586x-H1 M706x-H3 M50Q7-H1 M556-H1 M506x-H9 V755-H4 V705x-H1 V405-H19 V555-H1 V655-H9


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Product info:

• Part Number NCLIU-XRT140-2nd-TOTUS
• Model NCLIU-XRT140-2nd-TOTUS
• Dimensions 0.7 x 6.7 x 1.8 Inches

Product features

Remote Model: XRT140

Some Known Compatible Models: V755-H4 V705x-H1 V585-H1 V605-H3 V505-H9 V435-H1 V405-H19 V555-H1 V655-H9 V705-H13 V705-H1 M65Q7-H1 M65Q8-H1 M706x-H3 M656-H4 M55Q8-H1 M586x-H1 M50Q7-H1 M55Q7-H1 M556-H1 M506x-H9 P65Q9-H1 P75Q9-H1 P65QX-H1 P75QX-H1 P85QX-H1 OLED55-H1 OLED65-H1

Features: 1. This is a IR replacement remote control. 2. NO need any settings or pairing, just insert new batteries and let it work. 3. Package Content: 1pcs remote control. 4. Power Source: 2pcs AAA Alkaline Battery(Not Included)

Kindly Notes: If you are not sure whether the remote can work for you or not, please feel free to leave us messages,we can help to check and give you suggestions.

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