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Hisense EN2A27 LED TV Remote Control 55H6B

By Hisense

  1,430 reviews

Product info:

• Part Number EN2A27
• Model EN2A27
• Dimensions 1 x 8 x 1.9 Inches

Product features

Part Number: EN2A27S

Works for Hisense LED TV 55H6B 50H7GB 40H5C 43H5C 43H7C 50CU6000 50H5C 50H6C 50H7C 50H7GB1 50H8C 55H5C 55H6B 55H7B 55H7C 55H8C 55H9B2 65CU6200 65H10B 65H10B2 65H7B2 65H8C LTDN55K2203GWUS

No Programming Required, just need put new battery to use.

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