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EN2A27 Remote Control Compatible with Hisense LED HDTV TV EN-2A27 40H5B 55H6B 50H7GB 43H6C 43H6D 50H6C 50H6D 55H6C 55H6D 65H6C 65H6D Netflix Vudu YouTube

By Elekpia

  407 reviews

Product info:

• Part Number Elekpia EN2A27
• Model Elekpia EN2A27
• Dimensions 0.7 x 7.5 x 1.8 Inches

Product features

New EN2A27 Remote, no program needed.

Compatible Models:32H5C, 40H5C, 40H5B, 43H5C, 43H6C, 43H7C, 50CU6000, 50H5C, 50H6B, 50H6C, 50H7C, 50H7GB, 50H7GB1, 50H8C, 55H5C, 55H6B, 55H7B, 55H7C, 55H8C, 55H9B2, 65CU6200, 65H6C, 65H7B2, 65H7C, 65H8C, 65H10B, 65H10B2, LTDN55K2203GWUS, 40K368AW, 50H6SG, 55H65G, 55H6SG, 55H7G

LC17340N5000U, LC-17343N5000U, LC-17343N6100U, LC-17343N7000U, LC-17350N5000U, LC-17350N6000U, LC173-50N7000U, LC173-55N6000U, LC-17355N7000U, LC-17360N5100U, LC173-60N6200U, LC173-60N7000U, LC173-65N5200U, LC-17365N7000U, LC173-65N9000U, LC173-75N8000U, LC-40N5000U, LC-43N7000U, LC-50N5000U, LC-50N7000U, LC55N620CU, LC-55N7000U, LC-60N6200U, LC-60N7000U, LC-65N7000U, LC-75N620CU, N6200U, RT167723, ERF6B11

High quality, 100% comfortable to use the product.

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