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Reusable Transparent Aim Sight Assist Decals - FastScope TV or Monitor Decal for FPS Video Games for PC, Switch, Xbox & Playstation (18pcs in 3 colors 6 Designs)

By Weska

  2 reviews

Product features

✅ OPTIMUM FOR ALL FPS GAMES: Compatible with XBOX,PS4, PS5, Switch and PC.

✅ PERFECT PC MONITORS: The different size decals to fit different size of monitors, 6 designs for different gaming experience, 18 decals in total. 3 COLORS PACK fit for all the game scenes.

✅ Static stickers which will not ruin your monitors and easy to apply and reusable.

✅ Improve your K/D ratio and increase your hip-fire speed & accuracy.PERFECT YOUR NO-SCOPE,QUICK SCOPE,AND HARD SCOPING.

✅ ※ Before attaching the sticker to the computer monitor, bend the flap (the protruding part of the sticker) a little and then attach it.

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