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New Universal Remote Control for LG TV Remote Replacement for LCD LED HDTV Smart TV

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Product features

The High-grade remote control for LG TV, Replacement for AKB75095307 AKB74915305 AKB75095308 AKB73715601 AKB75375604 AKB73715608 AKB74475401 AKB74475433 AKB73975702 AKB75055701 AKB73975711 AKB74475401 AGF76631064 AKB74915324

Fits with various LG brand models,It is compatible with most of new and old LG TV. Support 2K 4K UHD Smart TV. Include NETOLIX button&Amazon button.

Without programming or pairing required, put new AAA batteries and it can work well (Batteries are not included),No other Settings are required.

Long transmission distance and stable performance. Replace the damaged or old one and cover all functions of the original remote control.

Shipping from amazon's us warehouse,You will receive your package as soon as possible,The remote control will be in a beautiful box,If you have any questions, you can contact us, and we will provide timely services for you.

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