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Sony OEM Genuine RMF-TX310U Remote Control

By Sony

  486 reviews

Product info:

• Part Number RMF-TX310U
• Dimensions 0.9 x 8.1 x 2.55 Inches

Product features

COMPATIBILITY: KD55X750F, KD-55X750F, KD55X751F, KD-55X751F, KD55X755F, KD-55X755F, KD55X757F, KD-55X757F, KD65X750F, KD-65X750F, KD65X755F, KD-65X755F, KD65X757F, KD-65X757F, KD75X780F, KD-75X780F, XBR-43X800G, XBR43X800G, XBR-49X800G, XBR49X800G, XBR49X850F, XBR-49X850F, XBR49X900F, XBR-49X900F, XBR-55X800G, XBR55X800G, XBR55X850F, XBR-55X850F, XBR55X900F, XBR-55X900F, XBR-60X830F, XBR-65X800G, XBR65X800G, XBR65X850F, XBR-65X850F, XBR65X900F, XBR-65X900F, XBR-70X830F, and more

EASY-TO-USE: This remote control has easy control and functions and works smoothly with Sony Television

DEDICATED BUTTON: This remote control features Netflix and Google Play dedicated button

SOFTWARE: The dedicated button work with Sony televisions only when software is pre-installed

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