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iVUE Wave 1080P HD Camera Glasses Video Recording Sport Sunglasses DVR Eyewear, 32GB Memory

By iVue

  21 reviews

Product info:

• Part Number iVUE-WAVE

Product features

✔ HD VIDEO RECORDING - Record video (with audio) in 1080P resolution at 30fps - Easily capture HD video point of view with a click of button. It features a premium 8MP Sony CMOS sensor which means better image quality, enhanced low light performance, and low power consumption.

✔ TAKE PHOTOS - While shooting video press the operation button once to take a photo. The glasses will vibrate to let you know the photo has been taken.

✔ 90° WIDE ANGLE LENS - The wide angle lens brings your videos to life by capturing more area within the video frame. TIME/DATE STAMP - Display the current time/date on your videos; keep track of when your videos were recorded (can be turned off).

✔ POINT OF VIEW ACTION CAMERA - The integrated camera, lightweight design, and ease of operation makes recording point of view video a breeze; no need to mount a bulky camera on your head.

✔ VIBRATION ALERTS - In addition the indicator lights, the glasses vibrate whenever you start/stop recording and take photos; you will always know what the glasses are doing without having to look at the indicator lights.

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