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eXtremeRate FastScope No Scope TV Decal for FPS Games on PS4 PS3 PS5 Xbox Series X & S Xbox One Xbox 360 PC (10pcs in 2 Size 5 Designs)

By eXtremeRate

  524 reviews

Product info:

• Part Number GC00151
• Model GC00151
• Dimensions 0.787401574 x 1.968503935 x 1.181102361 Inches

Product features

Optimum for all FPS games .2 size (3cm and 5.5cm diameter) decals to fit different size of monitors and TVs, 5 designs for different gaming experience, 10 decals in total

Shoot from the hip, quick scope or no scope and with more accuracy

Crosshairs for all guns, in all games all the time

Easy to apply and reusable

Static stickers which will not ruin your TVs or monitors

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